Jonathan Andersen

161 County Road 640

Lyons, NJ 07939

John Anderson

161 Lyons Rd

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920


Do these two contacts look the same to you?





They are physically the same location but with two completely legal but very different valid street addresses.    But if John Anderson uses the wrong address when he applies for an account, some identity verification services would have reported that John didn't exist or was potentially trying to defraud you.    Poor John; he's actually a great guy and pays his bills on time.    (Please note that John is a fictitious person and doesn't really exist and that these addresses point to a vacant lot.    Of course, our Address Verification solution will tell you that).


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There are over 150 million valid street addresses in the US, 12 million in Canada and 30 million in the UK, which means there are many more examples to choose from.    We built our contact comparison solution because most companies or organizations trying to verify consumer information do not have the tools or expertise to sort out if two addresses are really different even though they look similar or if two addresses are really the same even though they appear different.    And those are just the street addresses.    What about the names?    It's obvious to most of us that if Jonathan Andersen and John Anderson are at the same street address they are probably the same person.    But computers don't, natively, know there are 45 variants or common misspellings of the given name "John" nor would they know about all nine spellings of the name that sounds like "Anderson".


Our Comparison solution handles these situations for you and tells you whether or not two given names and address sets are the same or are actually different.

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