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Wireless Number Identification
We’ll tell you what type of phone (landline, wireless/cell, voip, etc.) is currently assigned to a phone numberGet Details...

Do Not Call Identification
Tell us the number you want to call and we’ll tell you if that number is on any Do-Not-Call listGet Details...

Consent Verification
Tell us the last time you called/texted a wireless phone number and we’ll tell you if the ownership of that number has changed since then or if your prior consent is still validGet Details...

Business or Consumer Verification
We’ll tell you if a number is associated to a business or a consumerGet Details...

In July 2015 the FCC initiated what has come to be known as the "one-strike" rule by declaring that companies with pre-existing consumer consent to send text messages to or auto-dial a wireless phone are only allowed one chance to ensure they are calling the correct person, even if their customer doesn't inform them that they've changed telephone numbers. This problem of re-assigned numbers has been discussed widely across various industries including banking, financial services and healthcare and while the FCC did make some allowances for more flexible rules around collecting a consumer's consent for banking companies, it has yet to back away from the idea that the best of intentions won't prevent them from fining you if you make a mistake.


Trying to abide by the complex consumer consent requirements within the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, is difficult but as both the US Federal Trade and Communication Commissions step up their enforcement efforts, non-compliance with the TCPA can be very expensive even if you believe you are complying. Recent court cases have made it clear that intent to comply is not enough to avoid fines.


But it is possible (and affordable) to stay compliant with the one-strike rule and feel confident when sending fraud or account alerts to consumers. To help companies solve this seemingly intractable problem, we've developed a new configuration of our Telified solution called Telified-CR, which solves the problem by allowing you to periodically re-verify that the consumer who granted consent to contact them at a particular phone number is still the person in control of that number.


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Many institutions have a pressing, time-sensitive need to communicate with individual consumers via their cell phones and have already gone to the effort of collecting consent to do so. The new TCPA rules put this critical communication channel at risk. However, IDICIA’s data verification services let you continue to communicate with your customers with confidence that you are calling your customer and not someone else.

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