The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented levels of risk. Medical identity theft has serious consequences, not only in monetary damages, but in compromised personal medical records that can result in misdiagnosis, wrong treatments, or wrong prescriptions. Experts agree there is no single solution that will eliminate medical identity theft, but they emphasize the industry needs to look at broad issues like enrollment and authentication.


Medical identity theft is the fastest-growing form of identity theft with more than 1.84 million victims through 2014, growing at a rate as high as 19% annually. Experts see a parallel between the financial services’ experience with e-commerce fraud and the new challenges facing the healthcare industry.


Healthcare needs to leverage some of the best practices the financial sector has put in place. Telified has proven invaluable to e-commerce and financial service partners, helping them reduce the impact of fraud and theft, but even more importantly, improving the experience for good customers by streamlining their processes for good customers.


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One of several techniques experts suggest to establish and verify patient identity is to use third-party data services like Telified to corroborate and verify the contact data supplied by patients. Telified is an easy-to- use service from a HIPAA compliance focused company that already serves as a Business Associate to some of the largest healthcare companies in the world.


Payer or Provider Needs to Verify Identity of Subscriber or Patient
Send Telified Platform:
  • Name
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number


A payer or provider needs to confirm subscriber or patient’s identity. They input new or current subscriber/patient phone, name and address and collect consent to verify the information.  Name, address and phone number are sent to IDICIA’s Telified system which returns one of the verification confirmation levels as to the identity from either a credit bureau (which uses banking records) or the consumer’s phone company. Additional optional verifications are supported by using the consumer’s SSN or date-of-birth.

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