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IDICIA builds information bridges that allow your company to connect in real-time to the information it needs. IDICIA data services provide easy access to tools to enhance, enrich and verify information about your customers, members or subscribers. We are authorities on consumer information and experts on web service APIs. If the words “authority” and “expert” make you shudder in fear of uncommunicative or indecipherable technologists, let us prove there are experts who not only speak your language, understand business and know technology, but that most importantly, they actually care about the challenges your company faces. Those four values are what guide our company, our services and our people.


We have connected a variety of the best non-marketing consumer information resources to the internet via highly secured web services. Think of it as a database of truth just a web-search away. We call this "Information as a Service", or IaaS. IDICIA gives you access to all the best information without the need to maintain it. Our specialty is combining highly accurate, authoritative and nearly ubiquitous telecom billing data with robust credit bureau data in a hybrid approach that uses the best qualities of each to give your business (or that of your customers) the confidence and assurance it needs when interacting with consumers over the internet.



Cloud-based, real-time information solutions for identity verification, fraud prevention and data compliance

Directly verify consumer identities against restricted TELCO carrier and credit bureau files


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Email: Known current name and

street address

SSN: Combine with surname for

a person’s current street address and

address history

Phone: Known current name and

street address

Address: Current contact, property type and ownership information

Line: General location, carrier and line type

Businesses and organizations that need help verifying identity information, reducing identity and other forms of fraud, or need help meeting many of the complex regulatory compliance requirements involving consumer data and privacy





Imagine a web-service which detects what is true and what is false.    That is IDICIA.    Our consumer information services cover three major categories: Verification - confirming if the information you already have is true; Enrichment - taking the data you have and revealing additional associated information you can see for yourself; and, Comparison - using our data expertise to provide intelligent data comparison services.    Take a moment to learn more about each of our services today.

IDICIA is at the forefront of information technology. We are constantly pushing our limits to bring you reliable, innovative data.

We customize solutions to provide you with exactly the solution you need for many of your fraud reduction, identity verification and compliance needs.

IDICIA's catalog of internet-accessible data services lets you integrate the best information services directly into your internal customer and order systems.


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Integrated Verification, Enrichment and Comparison Solutions for Identity Verification, Fraud Prevention and Compliance.


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