CNAM, LIDB & Verification Hosting

Your subscriber CNAM, LIDB and Verification data is a valuable asset both in terms of day-to-day servicing of your subscriber’s needs, but also as a means of generating revenue. IDICIA offers enhanced revenue with the same services and security you need in an outsourced data services hosting provider but with a focus on what makes us a great partner in our other industries: customer service, innovation, agility, privacy and data stewardship.

When you host your data with IDICIA we use it only as you wish and we give you complete visibility into how your critical data assets are managed and the revenue they generate for you. This is our pledge of transparency.

IDICIA has primarily supported e-Commerce, Healthcare and Financial Service companies by working with wireless and wireline carriers as consumer identity verification providers. However, we saw and heard how much our carrier partners needed a new option for hosting services and have developed our offering based on carrier feedback.



Our Data Hosting Solution Provides You:

  • The security and robustness of one of the largest authoritative, carrier-grade service-order driven hosting platforms in the country
  • Better revenue shares and additional revenue stream options for you
  • A single point of interface for
    • Traditional CNAM
    • Traditional LIDB (validation)
    • Subscriber Verification
    • Account Verification
  • Administrative systems made easier to use, faster and with more features that adapt more easily to your current processes
  • Sophisticated activity monitoring and detailed reporting
  • State of the art security
  • You know all your options and control all uses of your data

Avoid having to manage your own legacy telecom processes for CNAM and LIDB administration. Let IDICIA handle that while bringing new and improved revenue streams in addition to a higher revenue share for your legacy Caller-ID and LIDB hosting.

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