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IDICIA is a whole new kind of data company.   We have access to billions of records but we only pull the specific record we need at the very last possible second we need it so it is as fresh as possible.   Our data services are truly “just in time”.    IDICIA is a real-time data service hub that accesses the best data on the market and some data our competitors only wish they had.   Many of the records we access provide fresh answers within seconds of when the record was updated.   One of the main reasons we have access to many of our information resources is that we don’t require the data sources to ship us big files of bulk data like most data service companies.   We pull data a single record at a time so  we can access information that, for legal or regulatory purposes, cannot be used by other companies that require big, internal crock-pot like data files.   This helps you get answers that others can’t provide, giving you  a competitive edge.


Doing business over the internet is both a blessing and a curse.    The blessing is having access to a much larger pool of customers - the curse is that some of those "customers" will try to defraud you.    Some may not do so purposely but may just not give you the information you need to maintain your relationship or even correctly process their orders.    It happens.    Fortunately a majority of your customers will be great and a benefit to your business. Our solutions are designed to help you enhance your "good customer" data and protect yourself from the bad customers.


Most of our solutions are restricted to be used only for select purposes like preventing fraud, verifying a consumer's identity or providing information specifically when requested to do so and with a consumer's consent.    This isn't marketing data that anyone can access.    But if you are doing something that is considered an exemption under TCPA or GLBA, we can help.    Not sure if your company or use qualifies? We'd be happy to help you find out.    Just send a short description of what you are trying to do to or call us at 1-844-4IDICIA and we'll get back to you with an answer right away.



Verify telephone numbers and accounts, email, names, SSN and address.


Retrieve additional data based on telephone, email, SSN or street address.


Use our best of breed fuzzy logic to compare multiple contact records.


Caller Name and LIDB data hosting services for the telecom industry.


Real-time identity verification with name, address & phone.


Data verification for consent compliance in accordance with TCPA.


Telified™ is the first commercially available service to use highly restricted telephone-company billing data for identity verification and fraud prevention outside of the telecommunications industry.  Telified is unique because it uses direct access to authoritative reference sources to deliver results instantly to our customers.

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Real-time means now, not later. Real-time information requests are processed one record at a time, immediately upon receipt. Transaction turn-around times vary by configuration and customer. However, most results are returned to our customers in under 1.2 seconds.

Direct access allows us to better control the quality and timeliness of the information we access. Direct access lets us get the best quality data as quickly as possible, and because we don't store the data our providers grant us access to data that most of our competitors can't get.

Not all data is the same. When it comes to phone numbers, the telephone company is the most authoritative source. Regulatory limitations don’t allow authoritative data to be used for all purposes,  but we are constantly searching for the best available data and monitoring regulatory changes that may affect use.

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