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The Telified™ Collection of consumer identity verification services was the first and only commercially available platform to use telephone-company billing information for the purpose of ID Verification and Fraud Prevention outside of the Telecommunications Industry. Telified uses direct access to authoritative reference sources to deliver results instantly over the internet. Each service within the collection verifies one or more consumer identity attributes using the internal restricted-use-only databases of landline, VoIP and wireless telephone service providers.


Four unique services, each with its own legal access and allowable uses





Telified 3D is our flagship version and is available for the purposes of identity verification and risk mitigation.  3D specifically focuses on verification of the 3 primary data attributes that form a consumer's identity: Name, Street Address and Telephone Number.

Telified AI answers the critical questions of whether or not a telephone number is active or inactive; whether it is connected and dialable or has been disconnected.

Telified CR is a special configuration of Telified designed specifically to provide companies with a mechanism for periodically reverifying a consumer's consent to communicate with a specific phone number. For more details, download our Consent Reverification PDF.

Telified IC extends our Telified line of telephone verification services into the rest of the world. Telified-IC supports carrier, device type and general location information just like our Line Identification Services do in the US and Canada and provides Telified AI compatible responses for line status for select countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Central and South America. See coverage map here.





What Telified Can Do For You

Broader Coverage Option

What if the relevant phone company hasn't added an authoritative verification capability to their systems? Telified will always tell you when this happens. However, we also have a Broad Coverage option that mitigates this challenge if your organization's risk tolerance level includes the use of less authoritative sources as well. The Broad Coverage option integrates additional data sets (for example credit file or directory assistance records) that are called upon if the relevant phone company doesn’t yet support number or full name & address verification.

Telified is simple and easy to use. Via the internet, send us the name, address and

phone number (or you can send us a whole file of this information at once if

you prefer) of the name and number you want to verify; Telified routes that

transaction to the correct telephone company from the over 5000 phone companies

in the US and Canada, then translates their various coded responses into a simple

result that is easy for your existing systems to understand.

  • Verify the name, address and phone number supplied in on-line orders is truly valid.
  • Verify a telephone number is truly active or has been disconnected. Verify that consumer identity information is valid and associated to the provided phone number.
  • Verify the customer contact information you have on file is still current.
  • Provide an alternative to credit verification for those with little or no credit history or for those trying to establish credit.
  • Remove phone numbers and other contact information from your files that are no longer valid.
  • Detect if cell phone numbers have been reassigned.
  • Help you stay in compliance with TCPA regulations.

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